Childhood Ear Infections

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Wifi known as Wireless Fidelity allows a user to connect to the internet without using network cabling.
Whether it's from your bedroom, couch, indoors or outdoors data can be sent and received within the range of a wireless base station.
Wifi uses 802.
11a or 802.
11b technologies to provide a very reliable connection that is also fast and secure.
Wifi is available to every type of internet user and allows multiple users to connect to each other, other devices and the internet.
However, your connecting device will need to have a Wifi certified card (PC Card or PCMCIA card) and it will connect to other certified products such as a base station or access point.
It also saves on the cost and distance limitations of using cables, not to mention the unsightly look of running cables throughout an area.
These networks are very useful in the business and sales industry as they allow salespeople and travelers to connect to the network with ease and not be confined to one location to access applications such as email and databases.
They allow business networks to easily expand and grow making a Wifi network a very useful technology in the business world.
Businesses no longer need to abandon current network infrastructures and start over, they can simply use this wireless technology to easily change the network and allow for rapid growth.
Wifi networks work at the 2.
4 or 5 GHz bands and possible speeds of 11 or 54 Mbps.
Their speeds are very comparable to 10baseT networks and allow for easy network access.
A Wifi network is essentially plug and play as you can turn on a certified device and connect to the wireless network providing you have the proper authentication and security credentials.
Wifi networks have security in the form of WEP (Wired Equivalent Protocol) that can provide the same level of security as that of a wired LAN.
Wireless networks that are transmitted over radio waves are more susceptible to security problems, but WEP aims to provide security by encrypting the data sent over the radio waves.
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