Various Styles of Buddha Statues

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    Meditative, Sitting Buddha

    • Buddha encouraged meditation to find inner peace.Dimas Ardian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

      The sitting, meditative Buddha is a prominent statue style. Many of these feature Buddha sitting on a lotus flower, considered a lotus throne. In Kamakura, Japan, a 40-foot-high bronze statue of the Buddha sits outdoors in the Kotoku-in -- a Buddhist temple of the Jodo shu sect. In Germany, a Buddha statue made entirely of gemstone-quality jade can be found at Vien Giac temple. Different interpretations exist regarding the various sitting statues and what they symbolize. Some historical suggestions include peacefulness, harmony and happiness, which many followers believe are what Buddha intends for humanity.

    Standing Buddha

    Resting and Reclining

    Laughing Buddha

    • To laugh with Buddha is to find a happy life.China Photos/Getty Images News/Getty Images

      The jolly, laughing Buddha is typically featured with a huge grin and a rotund belly. Speculation has it that the belly is where the Buddha holds the world's worries. Many followers believe that by rubbing the belly, you will have good luck and harmony. Just seeing the laughing Buddha lightens the hearts of viewers. Some followers teach that your life will "lighten up" when you hold the thought of the laughing Buddha in your mind and imagine yourself also laughing inwardly.

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