Dynamic Keyword Insertion Or DKI

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Dynamic keyword insertion or dki as it's sometimes known is a method used within advertising on the major pay per click or ppc search engines, those being Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Dki is not that widely known and is where the ppc search engine actually rewards your advert depending on it's relevance.
What is the reward? It is when your keyword within your advert is put in bold text, and you can surely see the benefits that can be to any product, service or website.
Let's take a closer look at this within advertising.
The keywords you use in you advert, when they are boldened they highlight your actual advert for the searching customer and so if your keyword is highlighted in the title and the text so much the better.
Dynamic keyword insertion is just that.
It is when your advert is able to show the specific keyword your customer has used in his search for your product.
In other words, Google or whichever you are using will put in an individual keyword from a group of keywords you have given, into the text the same as that used by the customer so he finds exactly what he is searching for.
Essentially, the customer's keyword has triggered off one of your keywords which you have for your group of adverts.
Here is an example to clarify.
The code you use for mobile phones for example is {keyword:mobile phone} exactly as it is there.
Your ad may read like this, "Superb mobile phone for sale.
Get that mobile phone you've always wanted now".
With keyword insertion it would need to be written like this, "superb {keyword:mobile phone} for sale.
Get that {keyword:mobile phone} you've always wanted now".
Now in your list of keywords you created earlier you may have included Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson W850i and Motorola Razor.
When a customer searches using the keyword Nokia N95 for example, the search engine will automatically insert that keyword into the text of the advert.
So now that same advert, after keyword insertion will read, "superb Nokia N95 for sale.
Get that Nokia N95 you've always wanted now".
With this method you can see that you don't have to write out different ads for each and every keyword which is absolute heaven if you have a massive advert campaign going on.
I do hope you understand the mechanics of this advertising method which by the way, is not used by most people but yet it does not take too long to read up on the subject and become familiar enough with it to use it yourself.
And you do need to do that if you are going to use keyword insertion effectively.
Remember also what we said in the very beginning of this article.
It is those keywords matching those typed in by the prospective customers which are boldened and this of course gives you the edge on the competition.
Their advert will be rather bland like all the others whereas your advert with boldened keywords will stand out from among all your competitors.
This is a huge plus in your marketing strategies and may increase your CTR or click through rate as it's also known, by up to twenty per cent or more.
And it goes without saying that the greater the CTR then the greater the sales volume to make money online.
Don't forget as well that you can use dynamic keyword insertion anywhere on your advert be it in the title, text or the display url.
And furthermore you can use capitalisation for your keywords which is fairly simple also.
For example: if you had "keyword" then there are no capitals if you had "Keyword" then the first word would be in capitals if you had "KeyWord" then each word would be in capitals if you had "KEYword" then each letter in the first word would be in capitals if you had "KEYWord" then each word would be in capitals if you had "KEYWORD" then each and every letter of every word would be in capitals.
Be careful with this one however because it may not always be allowed by the search engine.
Is that as clear as mud? I hope it is clear because you will benefit enormously from using this method of keyword insertion and of course it will save you lots of precious time to get on with other equally important tasks for your business.
An important point to bear in mind is that not everyone uses this method of marketing for two main reasons.
The first reason is that a lot of folk out there aren't aware of keyword insertion and if they are, it just appears to be out of their league slightly.
The second reason is that the folk who are aware of it don't use it because they argue that you should create a separate ad for each keyword.
I think the answer is an individual choice here.
Try it, play around with it for a while, monitor your results and you will know if it is right for you or not.
The choice ultimately is yours.
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