Programs to Burn DVDs & CDs on a Computer

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    • Many programs exist for burning CDs and DVDs.a dvd-r disc image by wayne ruston from

      Many programs exist for burning CDs and DVDs on a computer. Burning programs are available at a variety of price points. Your operating system may include disk burning software, and many programs for burning disks can be downloaded for free. Others are commercial programs that need to be purchased. Before buying software to burn CDs and DVDs, examine the features of the programs that are available. You might find that your needs can be met by a free program, or you may decide that you require an advanced feature that is only available in a commercial program.

    Windows and Mac

    • Windows XP includes software for burning both audio and data CDs, while Windows Vista and 7 add DVDs to the list of supported disk types. Likewise, Mac OS has the ability to burn data CDs and DVDs directly through the file browser, and can also burn audio, photo and movie disks through the included iLife software. For many users, these features are sufficient for most disk burning activities and no additional software is needed.


    • ImgBurn is a free program for Windows 95 and newer. ImgBurn is built to handle disk images--single files containing complete copies of CDs and DVDs. ImgBurn can burn a disk from an image file, or create an image file from a disk that you own. ImgBurn can also build a new disk image from files that you drag into a window, or burn files from the window directly to a disk. ImgBurn supports CDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs and Blu-ray disks.

    Nero Burning ROM

    • Nero Burning ROM is one of the older disk burning programs on the market, having first been released in 1997. Nero Burning ROM is for Windows XP and newer, and costs $49.99 to download as of 2010. It supports CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray disks and can utilize proprietary technologies that some disk burning software cannot, such as LightScribe and LabelFlash, two technologies that allow the CD or DVD burner to burn a label on the top side of a disk.

    Roxio Creator

    • Roxio Creator is compatible with Windows XP and newer, and costs $79.99 to purchase--after a $20 rebate--as of 2010. It supports copying and creating Blu-ray disks as well as CDs and DVDs. One of the primary features of Roxio Creator is its ability to make many types of video files compatible with the DVD video format for disk burning. Many DVD burning programs require you to convert the video files yourself.


    • Disco is a Mac-only product, compatible with Mac OS 10.4.3 and later. Disco can burn CDs and DVDs using Mac-only file systems, or cross-platform file systems that can be read on Windows-based computers. It is designed with the novice user in mind, in hopes of making optical disk burning less confusing for those with little computer experience. Disco also includes real-time graphical effects on computers with sufficiently powerful video hardware. Disco costs $19.95--after a $10 discount--as of 2010.

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