Know About The Causes For Moles On The Skin

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Mole is a very common pigmented spot that usually occurs on human body at various different places. Some moles may be minute while others may be large or raised. Every person has moles on some or the other part of their body. The colors, texture, shape and dimension of the mole varies from person to person. If you are not happy with this pigmented spot and want to get it removed then you do not have to worry at all because these days various surgical, laser and medical treatments are available that would surely help you to a great extent.

You must know that there are various different causes for the occurrence of moles on your skin. In this article you would get to know about the most common causes that would help you to recognize different moles in a better manner.

1.Although there are various causes for the occurrence of moles on skin but the most common amongst them is the uneven distribution of the melanocytes cells. Melanin is the pigment which is responsible for providing us our skin coloration. The pigment is usually present in the melanocytes cells that usually occur on the upper layer of the skin surface.

2.According to common researches it has also been found out that moles also occur due to the over exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays. Excessive sunlight is also known to be a cause of skin pigmentation and moles.

3.Some moles occur naturally as people are born with them, while some moles occur as one ages.

4.It is known that some families have a history of dysplastic moles which are known to cause skin cancer. Some moles change their appearance with time, if you facing this problem then you must immediately consult your doctor as it can also be a cancer mole.

5.Hormonal changes are also a major factor causing moles. Moles are very common amongst adolescents and pregnant women due to the influence of hormones.

6.Aging is another common factor that causes moles to develop on the different parts of your body that is why you must have seen many moles on the bodies of old people.

7.Atypical mole syndrome is another factor that causes various moles to develop on your skin.

Above stated are some of the most common causes of skin moles. I am sure this article would definitely help you to gain all the important information that you need about skin moles.
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