How to Ask Your Boss for a Meeting With Him?

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    • 1). Invite your boss to lunch if you are looking for a casual meeting that does not require either of you to be in the office. This time away from the office can give you and your boss a chance to relax and be able to better concentrate on the conversation at hand.

    • 2). Email a request for a meeting to your boss. This option is extremely helpful when the reason for the meeting is upsetting to you. Make sure to save your email as a draft and go back to proofread it after you have calmed down. This step will keep you from coming across as angry in your message.

    • 3). Call your boss and ask for a meeting. If the reason for your meeting is casual or not work-related, this option may be best for you. Attempting to call your boss should be done at a time when you are not interrupting his work or your own.

    • 4). Schedule a meeting with his secretary or personal assistant. If you hold one of these positions, pencil yourself into his schedule and then verify that the time will work for him. This option is best for a boss who does not have down time or who prefers his day be scheduled down to the minute a week ahead of time.

    • 5). Email your boss a list of questions you would like to ask him. Give him the option of responding in an email. If you have taken the time to think through your questions and it is evident in your email, your boss may request a meeting with you to make sure his answers are clear, rather than send an email that may not be understood. This may get you a meeting quicker, and your boss will feel like it was his idea.

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