Dermatoglyphics and Me

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What is dermatoglyphics? It may sound like a very huge, long word, but it simply means fingerprint analysis.
It has come a long way since since 1823.
There has been many research and studies done on this topic and currently, it is most widely used in FBI, forensic sciences, judicial systems and immigration departments as a way of identification.
Why the fingerprints and not other parts of the body? Based on studies, our fingerprints and brain connections are already formed when we are still fetuses of about 13-19 weeks old.
The dermal ridges on our fingers are linked to the brain development.
These prints are dictated by chromosome genes and they do not change for a lifetime.
So since our prints never change, that's why they can be used for recognition.
Medical experts and scientists thus discovered that through our fingerprints, the amount of brain cells distributed in different parts helps us understand a person's multiple dominant intelligences as well as his inborn potential capabilities and personality.
Why is dermatoglyphics useful to us, whether we are working professionals, parents or even our children? 1) It provides a better understanding of your own personality and strengths so that you can do what you do best and excel in your career.
2) For our children, we can further develop their inborn abilities so that they can be the next Beethovens, Vincent Van Goghs or even Einsteins! 3) It helps in our communication with not only our partners in life, but also our team at work.
4) No more headaches in deciding which field to go in your next phase of education.
When you know yourself and people around you better, you will know how to use each individual's strengths to the maximum.
That is why God created us different in the first place!
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