Make Him FEEL the Fear of Loss So You Can Get Him Back

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Do not underestimate the power of emotional bonding.
When someone wants to leave you or has left, he/she still has to deal with the process of healing from the relationship.
Many times the grass seems greener on the other side.
That is until, your ex is faced with separation anxiety.
Think about what you're feeling right now.
You are feeling separation anxiety and you want to fill that space back up with your ex.
But if you rush in to try to convince your ex to be with you, you will not give him enough time to feel the void of having you around.
It usually takes about 3 to 8 weeks for a leaving partner to start to feel the emotional void.
He has to pay the price of the freedom that he wants and that means feeling a deep loss over the relationship that he once had.
You have to allow him to feel the pain of the loss or he will not want to be with you.
You have to allow him to feel an empty void before trying anything to win him back.
This means doing something that is completely opposite of how you are feeling.
You are wanting to reach out but reaching out for him will only cause him to have the emotional cushion he needs to get even further away from you.
See what happens is when he has the comfort of your begging, it will help him to move on faster.
But if he does not have the emotional comfort, he will begin to think twice about his decision to move on.
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