Teeth - Are You Going to Lose Your Teeth?

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Why should you lose your teeth? Do you believe it is an inevitable consequence of aging? I do not.
Short of physical trauma, like a blow to the face or a car accident, you should not lose your teeth as a consequence of any disease process.
You should take action before that happens.
And hopefully you will take action to prevent the development of gum disease in the first place.
It is true that there is a very small percentage of people that won't be able to stop gum disease no matter what.
But, there are plenty of people who can with a little bit of work, the right tools and above all: The Right Information.
Without a serious understanding of this disease, your doctor's efforts are not going to very effective long term.
All dentists, hygienists and periodontists know that what YOU do at home is the MOST important aspect of preventing or stopping the progression of periodontal disease or gum disease (same thing basically).
What is really surprising is how many people know so little about this disease process that is afflicting so many people today - most don't know it.
They will be in for a shock when their dentist one day announces that it is time for an expensive and painful (to recover from) treatment.
Sure, they can numb your gums for advanced procedures and even surgery, but why let it get that way in the first place? Do you think that if it it happens once, that it isn't going to happen again if you don't change what you are doing at home? Look below for some links that can help to improve your home care regimen.
Learn what works.
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