How to Connect a PC Sound Card to Headphones & Speakers

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    Hooking Up Speakers

    • 1). Look on the back of your computer to find the sound card output jacks. If you haven't installed an additional sound card, they are usually located near the USB or keyboard inputs.

    • 2). Decide which output to use. Your computer's sound card may have one of three sound output jacks: 1/8-inch stereo, coaxial or SPDIF. Each connection method requires a different cable. The stereo output jack is usually green, while the coaxial and SPDIF digital outputs are labeled beneath the jack.

    • 3). Obtain the proper cable and insert it into the line output or headphone jack. On most computers, this jack is colored green.

    • 4). Insert the other end of the cable into your stereo receiver's red and white RCA input jack. If you're using a coaxial or SPDIF cable, find the respective inputs on your receiver and plug them in. Remember what input you use for future reference.

    • 5). Test your setup. Tune the receiver to the proper input and play music through your computer. If all is well, you hear the music through the stereo speakers.

    Hooking Up Headphones

    • 1). Locate the headphone jack (usually green) on the back panel of your computer.

    • 2). Plug the 1/8-inch end of the headphone cable into the jack. If your headphones have a larger 1/4-inch connector, obtain a 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch adapter.

    • 3). Put on your headphones and play some music.

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