Four Must See Locations in India

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India is an ancient land.
The rich soil, abundance of natural resources and hospitable environment made it perfect for human habitation.
Remains of some of the earliest civilizations in the world have been found in India, and it has a culture going back to 3000+ years.
If you visit India, prepare yourself to be transported to a magical land unlike anything you have seen before.
You could spend years exploring this country, but there are certain locations that you just have to see when you come visiting.
These are: 1.
Kashmir Valley The Kashmir Valley has been described as "heaven on earth".
It was the place Mughal emperors came in their final days to perhaps get a bit closer to God.
In terms of pure beauty, nothing in the world can surpass the magnificence of the Himalayas, the serenity of the hundreds of lakes dotting the valley, and the thick forests that seem to cover every square inch of land.
While in the past 2 decades, the valley had been plagued with violence and terrorist activities, such incidents have reduced considerably making it safe for tourists.
Kerala Kerala is the southernmost state in India and is dubbed "God's own country".
The natural beauty of Kerala is simply breathtaking.
If green is your thing, you will find your heaven in Kerala.
Do make sure to take a serene trip over the famous backwaters in luxury houseboats for an experience you will never forget.
Rajasthan Rajasthan is the state of royalty.
Hundreds of royal kingdoms dotted this desert state before the independence of India.
As such, the state has magnificent palaces by the plentiful that will transport you to a different world altogether.
Must see are the cities of Jodhpur and Jaipur.
Madhya Pradesh "Madhya" means "central" in Hindi, while "Pradesh" means "state".
So Madhya Pradesh literally translates to 'Central State'.
Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India with some of its oldest cultural artefacts.
It is the place where Buddhism was born, and where the oldest of India's kingdoms flourished.
A must see for any history buff.
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