Rabbit Vibrator

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Thanks in large part to Sex in the City, the Rabbit Vibrator has become one of the most famous and popular vibrators.

Loved my many, the rabbit vibrator isn’t actually one vibrator, but instead refers to a vibrator design which has been copied and modified into dozens of different styles of rabbit vibrator, each made by a different manufacturer. The most famous rabbit vibrator is called the Rabbit Pearl (or sometimes Pearl Rabbit) and was featured on an episode of the TV show Sex in the City. But before becoming a celebrity, that same model was a favorite of many vibrator users who had discovered it in high-quality sex shops across the country.

The basic rabbit vibrator design has a shaft that can be used for vaginal penetration that rotates at variable speeds (usually with plastic beads embedded in the shaft that spin while the shaft rotates) and a clitoral stimulator that juts out at the base of the toy. The clitoral stimulator is in the shape of a rabbit and the ears vibrate on either side of the clitoris. This design is referred to as a dual-action vibrator as it provides simultaneous clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration.

Because these vibrators do much more than simply buzz, when they are built with inexpensive motors they can break down much faster. They have at least two motors but if one dies on you it means the toy doesn’t function the way it should. For this reason it's recommended to stick with rabbit vibrators made with high quality motors and elastomer or silicone exteriors. Vibratex rabbit vibrators are the ones featured on Sex in the City and are of the best quality.

Rabbit Vibrator Pros:
  • Provides simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation

  • Some models also provide g spot stimulation
  • Vibratex models are durable and made of clean elastomer material

Rabbit Vibrator Cons:
  • Many imitators are poor quality, made of cheap material and are over-priced
  • Lack versatility, not good for clitoral stimulation alone or anal stimulation
  • Most models rate high on the noise scale

A rabbit vibrator may not be the best choice for a first time vibrator. It’s wise to make sure you like the feeling of vibration and figure out if you enjoy clitoral stimulation, penetration, or both before investing the money in a good quality rabbit vibrator. Once you know you enjoy this kind of stimulation, choosing a rabbit vibrator can depend on your budget, picking a size you like, and whether or not you want a model with the batteries in the vibrator body or with an external battery pack.

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