How to Create Successful Weight Lifting Routines With Workout Magazines

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Have you ever implemented weight lifting programs or other advice from a popular bodybuilding magazine only to become disappointed? Every monthly issue claims to offer the most effective methods for building muscle fast, yet readers are often mislead to fail.
Typical magazine content includes workout routines, tips on proper exercise form and selection, supplement recommendations, and other resources.
Although some of this information represents true wisdom, the remainder is merely a collection of recipes for frustration, exhaustion, and injury.
Workout magazines may be used as valuable training resources through application of three guidelines to separate fact from fiction.
Many weight lifting routines in workout magazines are composed of excellent exercise selection and structure, yet often lead to exhaustion.
This is due to the overwhelming combination of high training volume (excessive number of sets per workout) performed at maximum intensity (each set taken to muscular failure).
Muscle fibers can typically withstand only 30-45 minutes of extreme microscopic tearing and energy store depletion (adenosine triphosphate and glycogen) that occurs from intense weight lifting.
Furthermore, full intensity is rarely applied toward every set because the lifter realizes energy must be conserved to actually complete the lengthy workout.
This is not this case with weight lifting programs of lower volume.
Training volume and intensity are two inversely related variables that must be properly balanced for muscular development.
The result of pushing both to extreme limits is often over training, a destructive state that impairs and eventually halts all progress.
When considering a bodybuilding magazine routine, training volume must be reduced to avoid exhaustion.
To accomplish this, a useful rule of thumb is 6-8 intense sets for large muscle groups and 2-4 sets for small groups.
Workout magazines also contain weight training articles with useful tips on proper exercise form.
Many articles include photos of professional bodybuilders performing lifts while demonstrating little regard for safety.
To begin with, the insane amount of weight lifted rarely represents the actual poundage used in workouts but rather that of a single assisted repetition.
Next, the risk of injury is increased due to using a grip with thumbs wrapped behind the bar instead of around it.
Finally, this grip is often accompanied by lack of safety collars.
These factors can potentially mislead beginners to adopt dangerous lifting habits.
To effectively apply information from these articles, focus only the written content and view associated photos with suspicion.
Advertisements for the latest bodybuilding supplements, in every magazine, must also be viewed with caution.
Almost every advertisement states outrageous product claims and includes potentially fabricated before and after photos, Realize that no legal supplement even compares to steroids in terms of building muscle fast as sometimes stated.
In addition, drastic alterations to before and after workout photos can easily be made via lighting manipulation and computer graphic software.
But above all, the majority of bodybuilding magazines are owned and published by supplement manufacturing companies.
For the most part it is beneficial to completely ignore all supplement advertisements.
Weight lifting programs and other advice from bodybuilding magazines can be effectively implemented by applying the three guidelines above.
First of all, over training may be avoided by reducing the training volume of otherwise excellent routines.
Secondly, focus only the written content of articles containing tips on proper exercise form while viewing associated photos with suspicion.
Finally, advertisements for bodybuilding supplements in any magazine must be ignored.
Start taking full advantage of valuable workout information in every monthly issue by learning to separate fact from fiction.
Finally, there are a wide variety of workout magazines available and each one is unique in some way.
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