School Prom Ideas

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    Gods and Goddesses

    • Look to the Greeks for a theme that lets guests ascend to the clouds around Mount Olympus to spend an evening living it up like a god. Opt for all-white decorations embellished with bits of blinding gold, such as Greek columns adorned with faux golden laurels and iridescent, gold-embroidered overlays on white tablecloths. Create a heavenly cloud seat out of synthetic stuffing and a dusting of gold glitter for the prom picture photo setting. Serve a menu of Mediterranean cuisine featuring plenty of olives, lamb, fish and feta cheese, served by underclassmen dressed in togas. Elect a prom god and goddess instead of a king and queen, then intersperse a few Greek rock songs into the contemporary play list when the dancing begins.

    Tahitian Nights

    • Put a twist on the typical tropical prom theme by taking inspiration from the black sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets of Tahiti. Select deep eggplant purple tablecloths and dusky yet paler blue linens to offset the centerpiece. Dust the center of each table with small black beads or black glitter to make a faux beach setting for the centerpiece of flowers and candles floating in a clear basin. Select a tropical sunset background with silhouettes of black palm trees for the picture spot. Choose a tropical menu with Tahitian dishes such papaya chicken or the adventurous national dish of raw fish called Poisson Cru. Hire Tahitian dancers to perform as dinner entertainment, then pass out real flower leis for prom goers to wear on the dance floor.

    Gothic Dreams

    • Hop on board the vampire wagon for a prom theme taken directly from current pop culture. Avoid cliché decorations, such as coffins, skulls, crosses and gargoyles, and opt for a polished yet mysterious look more befitting for a black tie dance. Choose deep crimson tablecloths, wrought iron candelabras and black taper candles for the tables. Intertwine the centerpiece with a few long-stemmed white roses to add a touch of softness. Design a prom picture backdrop of black feathers glued in a circular pattern onto a blood red background to give the prom goers posing for photos the appearance of having wings. Select a menu befitting the bloodthirsty inspiration, such as a prime rib and red velvet cupcakes. Decorate the dance floor with faux stone columns and slip a few ominous Gregorian chants remixed with hip hop beats into the play list.

    Roaring '20s

    • Pay homage to the Roaring '20s with a classy, yet decadent party theme. Go with sleek black lacquer and chic burnished silver prom decor colors as inspired by the Art Deco style that was a favorite during the decade. Dress underclassmen as flappers and gangsters as they serve classic American dishes, such as pot roast or pork chops. Hire a floor show of dancing girls bedecked in fringe, beads and feather boas to teach classmates how to do period dances like the Charleston and the foxtrot. Don't forget the black and white-checked dance floor and a 2D cutout of a classic 1920s car for the prom picture backdrop.

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