How to Create Windows XP Setup CD

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    • 1). Right click on your desktop and create a new folder titled "XP Setup."

    • 2). Place the Windows XP CD in your drive.

    • 3). Open the "Start" menu, click on "All Programs," open the "Accessories" folder, and click on "Windows Explorer."

    • 4). Open the "Tools" menu, select the "Folder Options" button, click on the "View" tab, and select the option to "Show Hidden Folders and Files."

    • 5). Click on the "D" drive (or whatever drive letter is your CD-ROM) and copy all files on the Windows XP CD to the "XP Setup" folder on your desktop.

    • 6). Open ImgBurn and select the option to "Write Files/Folders to Disk."

    • 7). Click on the "Advanced" button, open the "Bootable Disk" tab, and choose the drive letter of your CD drive from the list. Save the file contained therein ("bootimage.ima") to your "XP Setup" folder.

    • 8). Select the option to create a new project that is a "Bootable CD."

    • 9). Set the load segment to "0x7C0" and the sector count to "4."

    • 10

      Choose the "Joliet" file system type and choose the option for "No Emulation."

    • 11

      Set the boot image file to the file extracted in step seven ("bootimage.ima").

    • 12

      Drag the entire contents of your XP Setup folder to the queue, insert the blank CD into the drive, and select the option to "Burn CD."

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