You Can"t See Your Feet! Your Stomach Is In The Way!

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When a woman is in her last months of pregnancy, people are saying, Look out! Here she comes! Move out the way! The reasoning behind this is her stomach is in front of her, the baby being high or low, she is heading for her designation not being able to see her feet. She looks to the floor and all she can see is on her right and left sides, and directly in front of her stomach.

How big your stomach expands depends on many factors: how healthy you eat, how much liquid you consume, the exercise that is done during the pregnancy, the existence of health problems during the pregnancy, etc. If you and the baby are totally healthy during the pregnancy, with the weight gain being sufficient, which is usually between twenty to thirty-five pounds, your stomach should be nice and tight. Sometimes women carry the baby in the stomach area predominantly. If so, the weight gain is mostly there, with the stomach looking like a ball.

There are many precautions that can be taken to insure that the weight is lost after giving delivery to the baby. Also making sure stretch marks don't occur during pregnancy in this area. Some stretch marks may appear, but minimize them by taking precautions. Don't just sit down and say whatever it is meant for me to look like, then so be it! That is a cop out! Although so, stretch marks can come on the breast, legs, thighs, arms, legs - all over the body. I thank God! I am so blessed! People tell me I have very good skin. To keep good skin, I had to also take very good care of myself. The procedures I followed in taking care of my skin during pregnancy were: I would rub coco butter (the real thing) on all parts of my body (except my face), especially my stomach. I would take my time to do this and rub all over, not missing any parts of my stomach. Coco butter really works! I would execute taking care of my skin twice to three times a day. It did not matter how long it took! This performance was like clock work for me. I am very happy this activity was a goal for me.

I have seen older women and young girls have bad, dark stretch marks all over their bodies that are so disgusting! Not only that - their stomachs are hanging over their skirt or pants. Proper exercise and healthy consumption of food before, during, and after pregnancy will eliminate this terrible outcome.

If all the proper steps is followed while carrying your baby, you will be able to see your feet, move side to side fast in motion, walk with confident, executing the idea I am pregnant and very proud!
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