FIFA World Cup - Argentina Team Profile

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Twice champions in 1978 and 1986, and ranked 8th by FIFA, Argentina battled through the qualifiers for a 10th consecutive appearance at the World Cup.
Argentina haven't won a major tournament after Copa America in 1993.
Team coach, Diego Maradona, will be hoping to rectify that shortfall.
Maradona, whose coaching will be under the microscope, is said to be relying on Lionel Messi, to fire.
However, Veron and team captain Javier Mascherano are the strikers who really hold Argentina's fortunes, on their shoulders.
Maradona is relatively unpopular with the team, and this is a cross they will have to bear, as they go about their campaign.
And given the struggle against weaker teams, in the qualifiers, there is a question mark over Maradona's coaching skills, notwithstanding his legendary status as a player.
But Maradona is no stranger to controversy, and if he can keep his head and cioncentrate on getting the job done, he might still manage to get the team unite for a common cause.
Neither Nigeria nor a much improved N.
Korea are likely to pose a big challenge in group B, and perhaps, the only match of interest would be against Greece, the Euro 2004 champions, who had great luck in qualifying for the World Cup.
Argentina should lead their group, and probably meet Uruguay in the round of 16, and Germany in the quarter-final.
If they manage to scrape past Germany to the semi-final, they will probably meet the winner of an Italy versus Spain encounter.
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