Don"t waste one ounce of energy writing your next email until you have read this

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One of the secrets of creating an email that comes across as if you and your reader are friends and that you are talking directly to them in a one on one conversation is what I want to show you how to do here today.

I have been studying and crafting emails now for over 4 years. And with that learning came the knowledge of what works and what doesn't.

In fact it's not hard to connect with your customer on a personal level once you know the secrets to how its done. And that's what you are about to learn.

Ok enough talk ya go.

When you want to have your email messages come across as being written to your reader as if you were right there in the chair next to them - you have to first stop trying to sell them something.

Do you realize that nobody wants to feel like they are being sold something?

People hate that.

No matter what income bracket your customer falls in, they want to feel like they are in control of the situation.

When you place a dollar sign on your customer, then you are setting youself up for failure.

And here's the thing about failure.

Failure comes when:

You lead off your emails with product advertisements.

You lead off your emails with sales language.

All you can talk about is me, me, me.

Most people don't want to know or even care about how you are doing. The number one thought that occupies their minds for most of the day deals with them.

Their problems.

Their goals.

Them, them, them.

Thats all they think about.

Only when their needs wants and desires are met and fulfilled will they turn to what concerns you.

And then here you come with your little email that's interupting them with your thoughts about you.

Come on...

Why not give yourself a chance at being succcessful.


Whats the process that you need to go through in order to make your readers feel comfortable reading your email?

You simply start off with something that concerns them.

Start with:

Their desires

Their wants

Their needs

You need to show them that you understand their situation. Use a universal problem or situation that they will likely be facing now or in the future. And from there you simply weave in how you can help them find the solution.

Now if you are wondering what's the best way to find out your readers desires, wants, and needs. There is an easy way to do just that.

It's called, research. Study your maarket. The answers you get from studying your market will tell you exactly what to put in your emails to them.

I know. You don't like to study, you don't like all the work that comes with research. But you know works.
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