Two Benefits Of Casein

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It is very important to spend some time researching for the different kinds of protein powder that are available because certain ones are often more applicable to take during certain situations. Whenever you can have the appropriate protein powder that meets your requirements and goals at that moment, it is obvious that you will receive benefits from using it.

A certain protein powder that does get mentioned more often is casein protein powder. It's available in many different flavors, low cost, and may give many benefits for you. Let us have a look at some benefits that this powder can provide to be able to decide if it suits your needs. They are the following:

1. Fat Loss
Casein protein is actually a form of protein which is high in calcium that is an advantage regarding total fat loss. Lots of people are quick to turn away from dairy products while attempting to lose fat because they think it can slow them down.

Actually, it's the exact opposite from the reality. A study found that people who mixed a high calcium intake with a normal protein intake over a day showed increased fecal fat and energy excretion for that day which happens to be greater than those who either took low calcium, normal protein intake or a high protein, high calcium intake.

The research explained about the importance of total protein intake stating that it appears as though moderate levels of protein create this effect with the calcium greater than high protein intakes do. On top of that, it appears that it is best to find a balance between the two instead of raising the protein intake to promote fat loss.

The casein will help you accomplish both by giving you higher protein and calcium consumption enabling you to maximize your fat loss benefits.

2. Muscle Retention
If you are going for a lower calorie diet, one of your primary concerns is lean muscle mass loss. Since you're not going to supply enough calories to support all the energy needed throughout the day, you are forcing your body to convert stored body tissues for energy.

The best thing about this is that it comes from fat tissue. However, the body will tap into your muscles for energy.

A study was done for the lean muscle mass gains and total fat loss when subjects either took casein protein hydrolysate as compared to whey protein hydrolysate, while doing strength training.

Both subjects show fat loss but the person who used casein showed greater fat loss and higher strength increase for the chest, shoulders, and legs. In addition, it was noted that the one that took casein has a greater total body percentage of lean mass when compared with their previous measure. This indicates a greater lean body retention rate, telling that casein works well at retaining muscle.
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