How to Cut Schnauzer Hair

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    • 1). Smooth out the hair and remove any tangles with a slicker brush. Begin at the scruff of the neck and work your way along the back to the base of the tail. Use a miniature close-tooth comb to remove snarls on the legs, armpits, underbelly and between the toes. On the head, comb from the eyebrows down to the beard. Remove any mats with blunt-nose shears.

    • 2). Oil the blades of the electric trimmer for maximum performance. Trim the head area with the electric clippers, making sure to clip with the grain of the hair. Begin at the top of the skull and work down. Create a small separation between the eyebrows. Hold back the ears while trimming cheek hair. Leave the beard long but trim the throat by holding the rolls on the skin taut.

    • 3). Comb the long eyebrows of the schnauzer downward. Insert the ends of the eyebrow hair between your middle and forefinger and gently pull the hair straight. Use the thinning shears to cut the eyebrow hair at a neat angle. The eyebrows should begin shorter on the outside and become longer on the inside near the nose. Wrap your arm around the dog's head while trimming around the eyes to prevent injury.

    • 4). Trim the hair from the base of the skull and down the back to the tail. Always work in the same direction while applying the same amount of pressure to achieve an even cut. Trim the dog's tail with the electric clippers, starting at the base and working towards the tip. Clip the top edge of the tail to a shorter length and leave a 1-inch fringe along the bottom side of the tail.

    • 5). Examine the body of the schnauzer for cowlicks. If cowlicks are found, blend these areas in with the rest of the body hair by trimming with thinning shears. Shave the body from the front chest area beneath the neck to the dog's backside. Leave 1 inch of hair on the underbelly and the back of the dog's hind legs. Use the thinning shears to blend any uneven edges that appear in the hair.

    • 6). Trim the hair in a circular fashion around the base of the foot, starting at the front nails. Use the thinning shears to trim the hair from the elbow to the foot. Hair on the sides of the elbow should appear fairly short and increase in length as you go down the leg. Try to aim for a tree-trunk shape when trimming the legs of the schnauzer.

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