Wet Room Considerations For Modern Homes

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The concept of wet rooms was not originally from UK, but it was from Scandinavia. Even today, in some countries such as Norway and Sweden you will find the roots of traditional wet rooms. Wet rooms dont have shower trays, but have waterproof membrane underneath the floor and wall tiles. Sometimes, the product sealing may wither off, but the waterproofing remains intact due to the waterproof membrane.

If you want to have a perfect wet room, you will have to make sure that the wet room is made completely airtight and tanked perfectly. If you have a small bathroom, you can easily convert it into a wet room of your choice. Your wet room will look more like a spa if it has underfloor heating, body jets, designer shower fittings, hidden storage, wet and dry areas etc. Materials such as mosaic and limestone add the much wanted finesse and style to the wetrooms.

The technical term for making the wet room airtight is tanking and it always recommended to get it done by fitting professionals. The major problem arises at the edges where the floor meets the walls. It is very important that you have a complete airtight seal in these areas. The installer will make sure that the sub-base is absolutely rigid and the floor is sloping gently towards the drainage outlet. This will also ensure that the water will drain away quickly.

In addition to waterproofing, you will have to make sure that the flooring is made out of non-slip material. You will get all details of this material on the internet. Alternatively, you can also ask your installer to provide you with the various flooring options that are available in the market.

Power jets are in vogue these days. So, make sure that you have the right one for your bathroom. Dont reuse anything from your previous bathroom because wet rooms are a completely different from conventional bathrooms.

Lighting is another key aspect that you should not neglect when you are getting the wet room installed. An installer is generally well equipped with the skills and expertise to install the lighting for the wet room. But it is always recommended that you ask the installer if he will install the lights as well. A good adhesive is a must for the wet room installation. You may be tempted to compromise on the quality of the adhesive to bring down the overall cost of installation. Dont even think of using inferior adhesives as they will surely lose their binding properties in just a matter of a few years.

Other aspects that need to be considered are condensation and wall hung sanitary fittings. Always avoid fittings that are made out of iron because there are chances that the iron may rust in some time. Sanitary fittings that are made out of plastic, aluminium or any other waterproof material are always recommended by the designers and installers. You will surely love the ambiance of the wet room after its installation. So, if you are planning to install one in your homedont delay any further.
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