Oral Hygiene, Importance and Consequences

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Dental and oral problems can really be daunting and may also forbid your peaceful sleep. Even though are sought of nightmares for most of the people, yet their role is important in keeping our mouth healthy for as long as possible. There are endless possibilities of diseases that can affect the well being of the mouth.
One of the most common types of gum disease is gingivitis also known as periodontal disease. Gingivitis is named as it affects the gingival also called the gum tissue and sometimes periodontal ligament fibres too. When it gets to its extreme form it is called periodontitis. Periodontitis is also much more damaging.
How it is caused€¦?
The primary cause of gingivitis is the amassing of the plaque and its bacteria in the mouth which harms and destroys the gum tissue. Periodontal fibres are also likely to be harmed if they are attached to the bone. The plaque then builds up within the fissure of the teeth and if not taken care properly, its bacteria can cause inflammation of the gingival tissues.
This disease can also cause heart related troubles as due to poor oral hygiene the infection can also get into the bloodstream to reach the heart and hence can cause troubles. Gingivitis Treatment is certainly possible but getting into the treatment let's get to know what are the possible signs of this disease.
Signs and Symptoms of Gingivitis€¦
Gingivitis as is the most general form of gum disease is likely to occur to almost any person. Some of the common signs of this disease include inflammation in the beginning such as bright red or purple gums, painful or swollen gums. They may also become shiny, cause bad breath and may bleed easily while eating or brushing.
Prevention Methods before It Gets Worse€¦
The best way to present any kind of disease is hygiene; the main idea is to reduce the bacterial inflammation inside the mouth. A good oral hygiene includes incorporating regular brushing and flossing every day, this can greatly reduce the plaque. Mouthwashes are also important for maintaining oral cleanliness.
If you experience any of the above mentioned signs and symptoms, you should immediately consider visiting a qualified dentist. He will examine the present conditions and will suggest necessary action plan. Plaque though can be easily cleared off with extra and routine cleaning; however there are some intricate methods as well to remove if the amount of plaque accumulated is very high.
Treatment Measures€¦
An ideal gingivitis treatment involves the removal of plaque whereas some of the treatments may dedicate to lower the growth of bacteria on the gums. This usually demands regular visits to the dental clinic, besides you may also require home care to improve the hygiene. Mouthwash such as Antibacterial rinses or other similar aids may also be required. Treatment may involve repair and/or replacement of orthodontic and dental device.
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