How to Install a 6-Foot Chain Link Fence

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    • 1). Walk along your property line to figure out where you'd like your fence to go. Place a stake every 10 feet to delineate where you'll place each post. To make sure your posts are lined up so your fence won't end up bent or crooked, feed a piece of clothesline through the loop in each stake and pull it taut and straight. Move the stakes as needed if the clothesline angles at all.

    • 2). Pull up your stakes one by one and dig an 8-inch-wide hole with the post hole digger exactly where each sat. The holes should be one third as tall as each post for maximum stability. Make the holes 10 inches wide at the bottom 2 inches of the hole only, so they can better accommodate the setting mixture. (Terminal post holes should be slightly wider at 10 inches and 12 inches. These are the posts at either end of the fence.)

    • 3). Make your setting mixture out of one bucket of cement, two buckets of sand and four buckets of gravel. Mix everything together in your wheelbarrow. Place a post in each hole, using the level to make sure each is straight, and then fill the rest of the hole with your setting mixture. Allow 24 hours for the mixture to dry.

    • 4). Slide a tension band onto each terminal post 10 inches from the top. Then slide on a brace band 2 inches above the tension band. (These bands will keep the chain link fencing secure and tight.) Place post caps on top of the terminal posts and loop caps on top of the line posts. Beginning at one of the terminal posts, feed the top rail through the loop caps, securing one end to each brace band with a carriage bolt.

    • 5). Take your roll of chain link mesh and begin unrolling it as you walk along your fence perimeter. Attach it to the top rail every 2 feet by using the wire ties. Secure the ends to the terminal posts by using a carriage bolt to attach them to the tension bands. Using your wire cutters, trim any extra mesh.

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