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Success appears to be a relative concept.
Obviously, success means something different to each person, or at least people measure success in different terms.
At the top of the list, necessarily, is usually money.
I use the word 'necessarily' because money is vital to living well in our world.
More about money in a bit, but let's move on for the moment.
Most would agree that success is essential in love, faith, relationships, parenting, education, and so many more areas of human life.
The success question is one that has been studied perhaps since the very existence of the word itself, and continues to be explored today and tomorrow.
Is there an exact formula for success? Can anyone (or most "able" people) attain success? Certainly there are those who will argue that personal success is as different as each individual and therefore there is no one simple formula or system to achieve it.
I emphatically disagree! I contend that the actual measure of success is a function of each individual's desires, but the way to go about attaining and maintaining lifetime success is the same for everyone.
There definitely is a formula for lifetime success! Only the actual measure of success is relative.
So let's look at money and success for a moment.
I had an uncle who was a wealthy civil rights lawyer.
I recall him saying that money is only something you need in case you don't die tomorrow...
or something close to those words.
The concept was that money was not his central cause or motive.
If you, my reader, are centrally motivated by money, I feel sorry for you because I believe you are missing the boat.
Further, you are very likely never to have enough money to be satisfied.
The lesson my uncle taught by his words was this: doing what you love to do - and doing it very well - is a better measure of success than having lots of money.
In fact, very many of those who have gone from little money to abundant money are aware that money is a byproduct of doing what they love and doing it well.
A long-term, well-adjusted, well-rounded successful person enjoys abundance across the board in their lifetime...
and chances are good that money is not or was not their central motive.
In my mind, the most important reason for having money is to own my own time; money buys freedom and an array of choices not otherwise available.
Money does not equal success, but success produces money (or better: abundance).
Of course I am aware that I am not the only one to profess that there is a definite formula or system for success.
Thousands of "success gurus" have built careers on teaching success (in one or more aspects), and thousands more companies and individuals are concerned with building success (albeit mostly in business and financial pursuits).
Success is what everyone wants and the advice on achieving success is endless.
I have been studying the components of success (in all areas of life, not just career and money) for over 20 years.
Amongst the first famous people to explore success concepts was Norman Vincent Peale.
From there, the list is seemingly infinite.
Much of what is known, taught, and practiced is excellent and effective! BUT, I have been able to assemble the best of this body of knowledge, and condense it into 6 clearly defined steps that absolutely ensure lifetime success.
That is a huge assertion...
I know, I know, I know.
But I would not make such a claim unless I believed I could deliver the goods! I have written an e-book called: "Lifetime Success in 6 Simple Steps" (see Resource Box below).
Please take a look! So what are these 6 steps to lifetime success? Well, I'll make you a deal: I'll tell you about three of them, but you'll have to read my e-book to learn all six! Besides, this short article is not enough to disclose all six steps.
Step One is "Motivation".
Motivation is the footings of the foundation for building success.
In short, Motivation is the "why" answer.
Motivation - our actual motives - is why we desire success (in any given area of our life).
It takes real honest work - a demonstrated effort - to discover our real and true motives for our desires.
Very often what we believe to be our motives, are not the real root of our desires.
The foundation for success stands upon the footings of our motives and directly determines the strength of not only our resolve to achieve, but also the actual result, good or bad.
The best motives or motivation is/are steeped in goodness, caring, and honesty, both for and about our planet and our fellow humankind.
True and lasting success belongs to those with pure motivation.
My e-book helps explore this in greater detail, of course.
Step Three is "Goal Setting".
Volumes are written on goal setting and virtually everyone agrees that strong goals are key to success.
Not everyone, however, agrees about the content of goals, how they are best constructed, and the method of reaching them.
"Lifetime Success in 6 Simple Steps" discusses a goal setting "workshop" that is done over a period of days and creates immediate, short term, intermediate, and long term goals.
As with Step One (Motivation), extreme scrutiny and care must be practiced in goal setting if lifetime success is to be realized.
Step Six is "Flexibility".
Flexibility is the roof over the building of lifetime success and shelters it from failure.
In fact, Flexibility effectively eliminates failure from lifetime success! Flexibility allows for the human element - imperfection - and revision of any or all parts of our success plan.
Flexibility allows us to give ourselves a break, get back on track, and adjust to a more realistic lifetime success plan.
In closing, I would like to add two quotes from two very successful men, both having the first name Albert.
"Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value" (Albert Einstein).
"Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing, you will be successful" (Albert Schweitzer).
I invite you to read "Lifetime Success in 6 Simple Steps" today.
I wish you a lifetime of success.
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