Surgical Procedures to Restore Youthful Appearance

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Surgical procedures that help in reducing weight or achieve the look desired by an individual have been in use for quite some time. Medically referred to as rhytidectomy, face lift procedure is a type of cosmetic surgical process to redrape excessive skin from the neck and face of an individual. Assuring a youthful appearance, this complex surgical procedure involves removing excess facial skin by tightening underlying tissues, with the help of several surgical instruments. The face lift procedure is subject to sagging facial tissues that are atrophic, and is preformed to achieve gradual reduction in tissue volume.

Drooping of epithelial tissue causes wrinkles and face lines on the face skin, which is, consequently, the result of aging, excessive weight loss, actinic damage or genetic disorders. These disorders and factors can act singly or in combination with each other, thus resulting in unwanted drooping and sagging of the skin. Presently, there are two types of the face lift procedure – non-surgical and open, also known as surgical. Both surgeries are performed with the common aim of eliminating the sagging skin and softening nasolabial folds, thus, defining the jaw line.

The face lift procedureis not a treatment to improve the quality of the skin or alleviating irregular pigmentation, which is subject to the resurfacing procedure. This surgical procedure is adopted for rejuvenation or restoration of the skin by re-suspension of the soft tissues of the face. Presently, face lift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, and is opted for by numerous individuals across the globe.

Increasing lifestyle problems and peer pressure to look good has made the liposuction procedures a popular aesthetic procedure adopted for removal of excessive fat. With its improved safety and realistic outcomes, these cosmetic surgery procedures are performed worldwide as well as in India. An effective body re-contouring program, liposuction procedures involve elimination of fat stored at abdomen, hips, thighs and other parts of the body. The main factors behind accumulation of fat can be dietary indiscretion, sedentary lifestyle or a combination of both. Middle-aged women experience weight gain after pregnancies, in addition to stretch marks and loose skin.

These fat stores can easily be eliminated by engaging in liposuction procedures along with a calorie-restricted diet and regular exercise. By simply engaging in exercises, individuals can reduce weight and become thin, but cannot re-store their body proportion. With liposuction procedures, they can permanently remove fat cells from various areas of the body parts and sculpt it back into shape. Both these procedures are resorted to by numerous people looking to attain the perfect body shape without risking any health hazards.
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