How to Customize a Magazine Cover for Free

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    • 1). Scan the magazine cover onto a computer with a scanner, or photograph the magazine cover and upload it to a computer.

    • 2). Open the scanned magazine cover with Adobe Photoshop.

    • 3). Click on the "Rectangular Marquee" tool, select, and "Copy" a single-color area of the background image near the text that you want to replace.

    • 4). "Paste" the single-color area onto a new layer.

    • 5). Click on the "Move" tool and move the pasted single-color area until it covers the the text you want to replace. Repeat this process until the text is covered.

    • 6). Click on the "Horizontal Type" tool and type the new text. Select a font that is similar to the type you are replacing.

    • 7). Open the replacement image that you want to place on the cover in Photoshop.

    • 8). Click the "Magnetic Lasso" tool to highlight the area of the replacement image that you want to use.

    • 9). "Copy" the area of the replacement image you highlighted and "Paste" it into the scanned magazine cover image.

    • 10

      Position the replacement image in the scanned magazine cover image using the "Move" tool.

    • 11

      Save the file as a JPEG.

    • 12

      Load laser gloss paper into a laser printer.

    • 13

      Print the customized magazine cover JPEG on the laser gloss paper.

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