So What Makes a Great Paranormal Story?

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You are thinking to buy for your family a vacation home but you don't know exactly what investment to make.
Should you be interested in timeshares or in condo hotels? Well, here are some facts about these vacation homes options.
This info may be helpful in making a choice that suits you.
First of all, let's discuss the flexibility of using the suit aspect.
A timeshares is offering you a relatively limited freedom of using it.
It means that you have paid to use your vacation home only for a certain period of time every year.
You can't change the period of time, so you have little options of enjoying your vacation home.
But, when it comes to a condo hotel, you can enjoy it whenever you want provided the fact that you will not make it your permanent home.
The facilities aspect should also be taken into consideration when buying a vacation home.
The timeshares usually have a shared swimming pool and some other common areas.
Condo hotels offer you full access to all the facilities the hotel is normally offering to his guests: a swimming pool, restaurants, bars, an on-site spa or a gym centre.
Also look at the furnishings provided by each type of property.
The timeshares' furnishings depend on individual development.
You will pay for the furnishing when you buy the entire property.
A condo hotel is offering you high-tech appliances, high-end furniture and fixtures that are usually chosen by an interior designer.
The quality of the furnishing is equal to the quality of all the facilities and services provided by a high-class hotel.
And the price is also included in the purchasing value of the property.
The services issue may be one of the most important reasons for choosing on a certain property.
When it comes to timeshares, you deal with the housekeeping issues during the vacation.
A condo hotel is providing you full access to room service, valet, concierge or maintenance services.
So no worries about who's making the bed! The location of these properties is also important.
Both properties are placed in popular resorts.
And here it comes the most important issues: money.
The timeshares have different prices, depending on the quality and comfort, but they are definitely much cheaper than a condo hotel suit.
On the other hand you won't be getting any revenue for the weeks when you will not be using your property.
A condo hotel suit is more expensive but it also brings you money as you can introduce it into the hotel's rental programme.
The income will be shared with the hotel.
You have now a lot of reasons for buying a condo hotel or a timeshares.
Your decision depends entirely to your needs and budget.
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