Toy Story Costumes - Where to Locate the Perfect Costume

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What an incredible story line.
Toys that are alive and have a community of their own? The popularity of these toy characters was so overwhelming that websites and stores began marketing the toy story costumes and these were an incredible success.
At Halloween and parties for children or adults you would always find one of these characters.
When the movie came out in 1995 no one knew Sheriff Woody.
No one knew that Buzz Lightyear would try to supplant him in the eyes and love of Andy.
That evil menace, jealousy enters the stage.
In trying to get rid of Buzz, they both disappear but must find a way back before Andy moves without them.
Buzz and Woody form an alliance to get home trying to avoid the toy killer, Sid Phillips.
The movie in 1999 has Woody kidnapped by a wicked toy collector and Buzz coming to his rescue.
During this story Woody has a broken arm but has it repaired.
Woody and Buzz have many adventures, Woody is saved, and both return to Andy safe and sound.
Toy Story 3 is to be released this year.
The projected release is the summer of 2010.
Andy is off to college and the toys are left on their own to have new adventures.
At the moment toy story costumes that are available are Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Cowgirl Jessie, Rex, Bo Peep, Alien, and the Green Army Man.
Some of these are available for all three groups of client, toddlers, children, and adults.
There are some items not included in the different packages such as bandanas, hats, and guns.
The costumes are washable as most of them are polyester.
The basic package usually has a jumpsuit.
Options items that can be ordered are makeup and footwear.
With the Buzz Lightyear package you will receive a very realistic jumpsuit, a hood that detaches, a jet pack, glowstick, and covers for your boots.
The order for Woody will contain a great vest that has an attached star and black satin back.
There is a red bandana and a shirt with pearly buttons.
The order contains jeans with an elastic back on the waistline and attached to the jeans are a super pair of faux suede chaps.
Woody also wears a hat and a belt and holster, which you can buy as options.
The Cowgirl Jessie outfit consists of a jumpsuit that has a western belt attached to it.
The cow-print chaps and cuffs are very stylish as is red hat and hair bow.
The super cowgirl boots do not come with this package but they really finish it off.
The adorable Bo Beep toy wears a pink and blue dress.
With this comes blue bloomers and a hat and a staff.
In this outfit there is quite a bit of trim so as the other costumes it is not washable but spot cleaning is recommended.
Her pretty little shoes are not part of the package.
The costume that is a blue polyester jumpsuit closing in the back with Velcro is made for the Alien.
The Pizza Planet Logo is printed on the chest of the suit.
A zany mask with three eyes, ears and antenna is included in this package.
The success of these movies has spawned the astonishing lucrative market for the outfits that the toys wear.
Possibly the new release will present us with new toy story 3 costumes.
Some of the outfits for the new toys are already being marketed.
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