A Music Box Wedding Favor

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My wedding has to be exciting and fun ­ and definitely memorable.
Since we decided to go with a professional wedding planner a lot of my time has been spoken for.
I never actually realized or appreciated the complexity of taking on someone else's wedding.
You ­ or more appropriately the wedding planner ­ have (has) to contend with all the intricacies as well as all of the unforeseen and inescapable problems, disagreements, discrepancies etc.
that seem to crop up almost every day.
As the bride-to-be I thought I had it tough: well, not so tough compared to my planner.
He is simply out of this world, and I mean that with all respect and growing awareness of the pressures he juggles daily.
I bless and thank my cousin, Jersie ­ who also happens to be one of my closest friends and ally ­ for convincing me to let Danny take over.
Jersie and I were in the mall the other day, and every store we passed or went into was piping music out as if the shoppers were octogenarians and close to deafness.
Aside from the unbearable loudness, you could barely distinguish what kind of music was coming from which store.
We got so fed up we left rather quickly, but not before I started thinking about what kind of music/band I wanted for my wedding.
And my next thought was how I could reinterpret the idea of music into a wedding favor.
Sounds weird, maybe, but I love a challenge.
We found an outdoor place to sit and have some coffee, and almost simultaneously blurted out that music was going to set the tone and liveliness for the evening so we had better start talking about what music I wanted and what band I wanted so our guests could dance inside and bounce outside when they left.
I called Michael, my fiancée, asked him if he had any preferences: he said those kinds of decisions were mine; he would be there no matter what and as long as I was there his life was complete.
what a guy!!! Next I called my parents.
They, on the other hand, had suggestions.
They were partial to 1940's music...
torch song type of stuff...
I didn't say "No" right out of hand, but I did when they mentioned ­ every so lightly ­ that they loved classical and opera.
I made light of it too, thanked them and said "Talk to you later...
" Jersie and I, and most of our friends, liked music from the 60's up through the present ­ with a few exceptions.
We mulled over which era we liked best; and then we mulled some more.
I looked at her eventually and told her I wanted a band that could do it all...
from old-fashion/classical rock'n'roll to the hottest music of today, but could also bring in some of that `moody' music from my parent's day.
Then I dialed Danny and broke the news to him.
Had I been able to see him react, I just know he wouldn't have batted an eyelash.
Thank you, Jersie.
I got home, called Michael to tell him what I had decided on for music.
He just laughed and asked me what next, some kind of musical wedding favors, and then hung up.
Trust him to leave it all up to me, and be on the same wave length as me even though he didn't realize it.
I got comfortably ensconced on my bed, put my creative cap on, and began thinking.
I wanted everyone to have something that would bring smiles to their faces and fill their thoughts with warm, fun, memories.
That's when it hit me...
I would have whatever band we chose to pre-record a short repertoire of the music they would play and we would somehow have it installed in a small simple but tasteful music box.
What a great, unique wedding favor.
My parents had been asking me, us, what I wanted for a wedding gift.
This was it...
something I would have and could also share with everyone I loved and cared for.
Might take some convincing, but I was their only (baby) daughter among four brothers.
What a hoot.
It's "love" that "makes the world go round," and music that makes it spin.
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