The Artist"s Way - More Zaps in Support of Creativity With the Focus on Awareness

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Whether you are in a support group, a class, a casual band of buddies or an organized artist's way workshop, you'll benefit from these 3 zaps to support your creativity.
 If you're fortunate enough to have been encouraged and nurtured when you were young, you may be off and running with your creativity.
 Some are blocked and frustrated and uncertain how to get started.
As a coach to people ready to START or experiment or explore, I've developed long lists of what I call, "zaps" to support what's next or to un-block the pathway to clarity.
 Here is a random sampling of 3 which I hope you'll find useful: 
  1. Along with monitoring how much time you spend in front of the TV which is electronic clutter, there's the traditional, literal clutter that seems to come along with life.
     Is it under control? (or under the bed?) My business partner recently commented that my car looked hectic.
    It did.
    It was due to my casual tossing of papers and bags, extra sweaters and miscellany.
    It felt yucky and I fixed it.
    Big relief.
    So, now I say to you, check the clutter in your briefcase, car, home, desk drawers & decide if it's OK with you as is or if it's time to revise and stop buying more stuff.
     Clutter equals blocks to creativity and blocks to energy flow.
    Think of it as stuff in the way.
     Wouldn't it be better if the path is clear? When your path is clear, it's easier to see space for the one step at a time you'll be wanting to take in the direction of your goals and dreams.
  2. Set aside one day a month to edit clothes in the closet, stuff in drawers, the car, etc; you get the idea; the tidy-ing process.
     This does not have to be complicated.
    Just put a half a day on your calendar and treat yourself to this organizational booster.
    Is there a good cause which would benefit from your donations? Isn't it time to make space on that shelf? Who would be thrilled with those "hand-me-down" shoes you no longer wear? And, by the way, the other half of that de-cluttering day is for something just for FUN.
  3. Speaking of fun, it's important to have a place in your home that is just for you.
     It may be a corner or a special desk or it could be a room.
    A space of your own.
    No sharing, no explanations.
    You deserve it.
    Create it.
     One student asked his family to help him decide where he could paint uninterrupted and where they would not be tempted to touch his stuff.
     With that sort of team spirit consultation, he had fun brainstorming, hearing from all who agreed that it'd be a personal corner in the garage just for dad.
     He's thrilled! They feel heard, he feels supported and he just purchased a stack of canvasses and an easel when "coincidently" he found a 1 cent sale.
    The universe really does support creative desires.
     Your friends and family can be supporters too if you ask.
     First decide that it matters enough to ask.
     Where would your ideal spot be?
As you make the decision to say, 'yes' to yourself in this way, you increase your awareness about what you need to thrive.
 That's a good thing; go for it!
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