How To Cut Your Own Hair To Save Money

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to cut your own hair?

Well now you can learn how to cut your own hair to save money and to give yourself the satisfaction of knowing that "I have cut my own hair". However, most people would find the thought of cutting your own hair a bit scary and dangerous. After all, how do you know what to do and how do you see what you are doing?

Most people that have learned how to cut your own hair actually prefer to cut their hair. It's not that they don't like hairstylists, but it's the saving in time, money and styling yourself is fun and can be additive. And once your family and friends see that you know how to cut hair they will be asking for a haircut too.

If it is your first time keep it simple and cut your own hair to a single length. Don't try to cut your hair in layers and angles until you are more experienced. Try to cut off less than you would like to as you can always cut off more hair later. And if you do make a mess you can always go to a hairdresser to fix it.

Position yourself in front of a mirror so you can see what you are doing. Ideally you should have a second mirror behind you to see the back of your head. Purchase proper hairstyling scissors and do not use cheap household scissors as it will be more difficult to cut your hair. Usually cutting long hair at the back is more difficult than short hair so if you have long hair you may need to get someone to help you with the back.

It's always best to wet your hair so that it is easier to hold and trim. Always use your fingers as the guide to where you are going to cut. Simply hold the sections you are going to cut parallel between your fingers to prevent you accidentally angling the scissors and ending up with a crooked haircut.

Work on small sections of your hair and cut the hair to be longer than you think you would like it. It is much better to go over your hair a second time to trim it than cut too much off on the first cut. Most hairdressers use this simple technique. Even though it takes more time you will finish up with a more professional looking haircut. Also don't forget your hair will be shorter when it dries.

One of the easiest ways to cut your own hair is to team up with a friend and learn basic hair cutting techniques together. You can take turns at cutting and styling each other's hair. Always start with simple cuts and learn more advanced hair styling later. Imagine how much fun this will be not to mention you are saving money too.

Invest in a good hairstyling book. For the cost of only one or two haircuts you can buy your own hairdressing course that will save you a lot of money in the future. You don't need to pay expensive hairdressing school fees. Learn how to cut women and men's hair, learn how to cut you own hair, color, highlight, perm, style, blow dry and create glamorous styles easily.
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