Lice Home Remedies - Discover What Lice Combs Are the Best for Your Children

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It is very possible to eliminate head lice with home remedies.
Lice can not survive when you purchase the correct products.
Many parents felt relieved when their children's infestation was eliminated without ever having to visit a doctor or using harmful products.
One of the key products to use for home remedies is to purchase the correct lice combs and learn how to use it correctly.
The use of lice combs is by no means an original idea.
In fact, it dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians.
Headlice combs have obviously changed over time.
The most useful ones currently are produced from metal or plastic.
These combs have narrow teeth, as compared to the traditional combs which have wider teeth, so they can eliminate the lice and nits more easily.
Combs also need to have firm tines so that they can seize and sweep away the lice eggs, or nits as they're known.
In the event you don't remove them, the eggs can easily be skipped over as they are usually stuck on the hair shaft.
In addition, it's very important the lice combs should have the space sealed between the teeth and the grip.
This will keep lice from hiding and living inside the comb.
They can have either short teeth or longer teeth.
Generally, short combs are best for people with short hair, whereas the longer versions work better for persons with longer hair styles.
In order to get rid of head lice, and more notably lice eggs, most studies have found that combing through damp hair is four times as effective at eliminating lice than using malathion or permethrin based lice shampoos.
This is great news for many people who do not want to expose their family to a chemical's long term effects.
Keep in mind, however, that only doing one pass through the hair using a special head lice comb will not eradicate this problem.
It's essential to comb through your child's hair at least four times so that you can have the very best results.
Remember, all it takes is to miss just a few lice or their eggs to start the infestation all over again! Many parents are relieved to know that head lice combs are one of the best home remedies.
Lice control with this inexpensive treatment program can be purchased at selective on-line sites along with at certain local neighborhood pharmacies.
When you purchase the right type of head lice combs and use it correctly, your lice problem will be eliminated.
Just make sure to start this treatment program as soon as you notice the first head lice or nit.
Remember that schools and playgrounds can be a breeding ground for these pests, but there is hope.
Head lice combs have continuously been shown to be one of the best, easiest and safest ways to get rid of the lice without having to resort to using dangerous chemicals.
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