More On Anxiety Attacks - Physical And Psychological Symptoms Explained

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Everybody feels fear.
It is how someone reacts to their fear.
We have all been axious about the things that make us fearful.
Not one of us, no matter how hard we try, can get away from fear.
So when anxiety is getting experienced by a person whether it is explained or is so bad that they having an anxiety attack.
This is known as a panic attack.
The attacks usually begin with a trigger like an event or an object Some can happen without any such events.
This can become a phobia.
Anxiety Disorders come from a fear or phobia along with an object, social phobia, post traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder.
Should a person possess one of these disorders and suffer from numerous attacks, it is probable that they will experience emotional, psychological and physical symptoms of the illness.
Anxiety Attacks with Emotional and Psychological Symptoms It seems that when an anxiety attack is starting erupt, people feel the emotional side before they even feel the physical part.
They grow scared and begin to fear the situation they are in.
Due to this fearful feeling, they cannot think of anything else but this.
It also causes the person to feel restless but unable to leave the setting.
Many people will avoid the situations or the objects they know will cause the disorder and the anxiety.
This can cause some problems in this person's life especially if the person needs to do something important and the situation demands it.
Due to the avoidance, the person becomes hyper vigilant and irritable about the situations.
When they think of the situations, they become nervous about other things that surround them, fearful that attack will occur again.
In some severe cases, the person may be fearful that they may die, that they are going crazy and have that feeling of wanting to escape but they can't.
Anxiety Attacks With Physical Symptoms When the emotional and psychological symptoms emerge from anxiety disorder, it is only a matter of time before physical symptoms will manifest itself.
A connection between the person's mind and their body makes that possible.
It is thought the mind believesthat there is, indeed, a fear, which sends the body into action, wanting to fight or run from the situation.
Anxiety Symptoms to Watch For This complete uneasiness or fear to a situation may make the person's heart to race, feeling like it is suffering a heart attack because chest pains arise and the chest feels constricted.
Like other illnesses of this magnitude, a person may experience hot flashes and even chills.
Their hands could become clammy and cold as a result or even sweaty.
Other common problems that are seen in anxiety are: * stomach problems - results in upset stomach * queasiness * frequent urination * diarrhea * body aches * tense muscles * headaches Some people may have: * tremors * twitches * jitters * dizziness * lack of sleep From the anxiety, some people are unable to sleep and staying asleep, resulting in the lack of getting a good night's rest.
This can cause severe fatigue, resulting in problems in the person's life.
With anxiety disorder, a person can have all the symptoms, some of the symptoms and even just a couple of the symptoms...
but unless a medical professional rules out all other symptoms, it all leads to one conclusion...
anxiety disorder sufferer.
Until the diagnosis is made for sure, a person should seek medical attention for a complete physical work-up as well as an evaluation.
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