Homemade Liquid Soap

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Making homemade liquid soap can be a satisfying hobby and can also be very healthy for you. You know exactly what ingredients go into making the soap and you can do a little to help protect our planet by using products that won't harm the environment.

The Process Used

The method used when making liquid soap is called hot process. This method allows a reaction to happen between fat and the chemical to make soap and is called saponification. This reaction happens more quickly in the hot process when compared to using a cold process which is used to make bars of soap. The chemical that reacts with the fat is called potassium hydroxide. The reason this is used is because it allows the finished soap to stay liquefied resulting in liquid soap.

To make your own homemade liquid soap you will need the following things:

  • A large crock pot

  • Thermometer

  • 5.5oz (160ml) Potassium hydroxide

  • 57oz (1.6 liters) Distilled or spring water

  • 3oz (85ml) of oils for fragrance. Lavender, lemon, eucalyptus or an oil of your choice

  • Food coloring is another way of coloring your liquid soap

  • Whisk and stick blender

  • Weigh scales

First Things First

The first thing to do is weigh and add the distilled water to the pot. You will need 16.5oz (485ml) of water which is followed by all the potassium hydroxide. Pour it in slowly and avoid any spillage or splashes.

The mixture will start to get very hot as the 2 liquids react with one another so have some form of insulation at hand which you can wrap around the pot. Put the first pot to one side to cool then heat the oils in another pot or large pan. Check from time to time as you want the oils to be roughly the same temperature as the water in the other pot, around 120F (49C).

When the oils have reached the same temperature add them to the water and mix together for about 2 minutes with your stick blender. Your homemade liquid soap is starting to take shape but there's more work to be done.

Blend and Rest

Let the liquid rest for 5 minutes then blend again before resting for a further 5 minutes then repeat until you see that the liquid becomes thick and water droplets stay on the surface for a few seconds before disappearing, this is called the trace process.

Once trace has happened put the lid on and wait for 15-20 minutes and check again. If the liquid shows signs of separation between the ingredients stir for a couple of minutes before replacing the lid and waiting once more. From now on you can check the mixture every 30-40 minutes.

Metamorphosis is a Beautiful Thing
The liquid will start to go through a series of different stages. Don't worry if it looks like set concrete when you check it, stir it as best as you can and replace the lid. This will go on for about 3-4 hours as the mixture cooks, then finally at the end your mixture will turn into your homemade liquid soap and look and feel creamy and look translucent.

Almost Finished

Boil more distilled water and add a little to the liquid soap, stirring as you add. Replace the lid and wait for an hour then check again. The mixture will still be gooey so add the remaining water, stir and replace the lid.

Keep checking every hour or so for about 4 hours, stirring each time you check. The liquid becomes totally transparent as you leave it which might take a while so a good idea is to leave it over night.

When your homemade liquid soap is ready you can put it into containers and give them out to family and friends for Christmas.

So Many Different Fragrances and Colors

You can find lots of recipes in books or the internet including some quick and easy recipes for homemade liquid soaps like this one. There are lots of different colors and fragrance you can use as well all it takes is some imagination and you can make some really beautiful smelling soaps. Hours can be spent making the different types and fragrant soaps then give them out to everyone at Christmas, birthdays or at any time of year.

A little care and attention should be adhered to and that you follow the instructions precisely when you make your liquid soap to avoid accidents.

We hope you enjoyed our homemade liquid soap suggestions.

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