The Best Strategies for English Learners to Learn English

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    Practice Often

    • Counter-intuitive it may seem, but making mistakes can actually help you become better at learning English. Making mistakes means you are trying and getting better. As long as you are learning and using English, you will eventually improve. Practicing with a native speaker means your ear will become accustomed to the natural intonation and rhythm of the English language. If you have a teacher who has a noticeable accent, you will start to mimic that way of speaking. Being in situations where you are surrounded by natural speech will help you to start thinking in English. Watching movies without subtitles in their original format is a way that can help your English abilities become more natural and fluent.

      If you are constantly around new people, you will get into the habit of using the same questions and same sentences over and over. Try to cultivate a few close friendships with some native speakers who will know what words and sentences you are used to and will slowly introduce new topics and new words to you in a natural setting.

    Read Often

    • Books are your best friends when studying a language. However, sometimes language books are the worst you can read. Finding sources of reading material that are on an easy level yet use a natural way of communicating can really help. Children's books are one of the best sources of good reading material if you are just starting out learning English. They are written on many different levels and use a practical vocabulary.

      Reading some materials on a subject you know well or are really interested in can help you gain confidence when talking. For example, if fishing is your hobby, you are naturally going to remember the particular vocabulary you need to speak to other people who are also interested in fishing. The goal when finding ways to learn English is to remember your language skills for the long term, not just for a few days.

    Study Often

    • Learning a language requires time to assimilate all the nuances of the language. English is particularly difficult for many people mainly because of the many exceptions to the grammar rules. Sitting around studying grammar all day will quickly bore you, so find different methods to study English. Instead of just using books, use websites, join a community class, or listen to podcasts. Find new ways to keep your interest high.

      When you are studying English, work at identifying your weak points. This may mean asking a true friend or trusted tutor to help show you the areas in which you need the most help. Do not take offense when someone says he cannot understand you or asks you to repeat yourself. Just take this as a clue that you need help with pronunciation or your sentence forms. With diligent work, anyone can learn English well.

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