A Quick Golf Clinic!

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A correct grip is essential for golf and even though most players have different grips the fundamentals are the same.
To avoid slices, to create power and feel, a proper grip must be applied.
The tightness of the grip on a scale of out of ten is recommended to be around a 3-4 to be able to create the right amount of power.
It is important to keep your body relaxed, mind focused and obtain feel for the club using your fingers, not your palms.
The three most popular grips that golfers use are the ten finger, interlock and overlap grip.
You can also use a glove, which can improve your grip by preventing sliding during swing.
Your swing is greatly affected by the positioning of you feet and your posture.
A Balanced stance will aid you through a proper swing and impact with the ball.
When using different clubs you will have to alter your positioning to fit the club.
Longer clubs generally require a wider stance than mid irons, which usually are swung with feet shoulder width apart.
Short irons are recommended to be used with a narrower stance.
Keep your back straight, knees slightly bent and your weight on the balls of your feet.
A v shape should be visible from your wrists to your shoulders when in swing position.
When performing a back swing, right handed players should keep their left arm straight.
With your eyes on the ball swing the club back as far as you can.
You can begin your down swing by twisting your hips while eyes still focusing on the ball.
Take your time and use the leverage from your body, not your strength.
Increase your speed gradually for a nice smooth connection.
After the impact your body with club will continue twisting to left if you are a right handed player.
The balls of your feet will remain in the same spot with heels and body turning toward the target and your club following over the left shoulder.
Practice hard and Have Fun!
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