Buzz Lightyear Action Figure Review

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With the screening of the Toy Story 3 movie this summer, Buzz Lightyear Action Figure is tipped to be a top Christmas toy on most kids' wish list this year.
This Buzz Lightyear Action Figure allows your kids to talk with him.
He is able to speak 5 phrases randomly.
This interaction alone is able to give your little ones loads of fun and entertainment.
Children will be extremely happy to have this interactive toy to play and talk with.
It features Tim Allen's voice and 1 of the phrase "Infinity and beyond!" is just like the Toy Story movie.
With his movable joints, you can get Buzz Lightyear Action Figure to do whatever pose you want him to.
You can get him to do the karate pose for you.
With the many poses he can do, kids can spend hours just 'bending' his body.
This is definitely a fun play toy which little children will thoroughly enjoy.
It provides hours and hours of fun for kids and they will not find it dull at all.
Buzz Lightyear Action Figure is great for your kid's little hands as the push buttons are small enough.
When the buttons are pushed, wings open up and the laser turns on that comes with matching sounds much to the delight of children.
Kids will find this feature cool and will keep them occupied.
You parents will have a much desired quiet time of your own.
It encourages imaginative play.
Flying around with Buzz can be a lot of fun.
Just press the button on his back and the wings are released.
They slide out in a horizontal manner.
Fly the Buzz 'round the room.
With Buzz's laser on his hand, enemies are defeated.
The laser also comes with sound effects.
Can't find the Buzz Lightyear Action Figure in darkness? He glows in the darkness.
He is a perfect companion even while your kids are sleeping.
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