How to Install Fog Lights on a 1998 Volvo S70

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    • 1). Place a small, flat head pry tool on the edge of the fog light glass and pry the glass off of the light assembly. Take care when removing the glass so you don't scratch the assembly.

    • 2). Grip the light bulb and turn it to the left until it comes out of the light assembly. Do not touch the bulb with your bare hands; wear gloves to prevent injury. Discard the bulb after removing it from the assembly.

    • 3). Insert the new bulb into the light socket and turn it to the right until it is firmly in place. Do not continue to turn the bulb when you encounter resistance as you may damage the bulb or the light socket.

    • 4). Line the fog light glass up with the light assembly and press in until you hear it click in place. It does not take excessive force to install the fog light glass.

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