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Its tough being Mel Gibson…you can’t just “go out” for ice cream. You’ve got to have body guards to ward off the paparazzi, drive a block out of your way to lose them, and probably sign a few autographs at the Dairy Queen…what a drag.

Of course NOT being Mel Gibson may not be that much fun either! You probably didn’t get to make out with Helen Hunt, Rene Russo, or hundreds of unknown makeup artists in the back of a trailer. Is that a good thing or not? Only his divorce attorney and accountant will tell you, but the bottom line is, women find him handsome, sexy, charismatic and they simply want him.

What women want is often clouded in mystery. Like men, they want it all. They’d like Tom Hanks as the father to their children and George Clooney to romance. We probably can't transform you into George or Tom, but with a tiny bit of effort, you can develop some of the magnetic qualities that can DRAMATICALLY increase your sex appeal and have the women (or woman) slipping notes to you at work, at home, or in gym class.

Books about Wisdom: Intelligence

Chicks dig a smart guy. Dump your comic books in the trash and hide the “How to Seduce a Cougar” book for later reference. Books about history, biographies of famous figures and spirituality are all winners. When she comes over and sees you actually read, you’ll be ahead of the pack. Reading to make a difference in your life and the lives of others will make her tingle with delight.

Passion for Your Career: Confidence

So you’re a mail clerk at a no-name company, so what? Your job is either a stepping stone to something else or you are doing your life’s work. Be proud! The more confidence you display in your career, the more attractive you are to women. It used to be the best hunters who had the hottest cavewomen, so you better show her how important you are at communication distribution (Your real title in the mail room) and how the whole enterprise would collapse without you.

Volunteering: Activist

You’ve got 24 hours in a day, buster. I know you want to spend at least 2 of those hours in the sack with Sylvia, so if you want your fair-haired maiden to be totally into you, be sure to invest a few hours per month at the soup kitchen or begging for quarters at the intersection for cerebral palsy. Pick a volunteer organization that actually means something to you or relates to a friend of family member. Who knows, you may actually feel better about yourself in the process and score points with the boss or your mom. All kinds of collateral benefits pop up when you do the right thing.

Gray Hair: Experience

Sales of color treatment for men’s hair are down. We can all thank George Clooney for that! A touch of gray (Especially at the temples) usually drives women wild. Even a full head of gray hair can signify experience, sex appeal and confidence. If you need further proof that silver is the new black, a survey by Match.com found that a whopping 72% of women think gray hair is hot.  Just lose the white beard and gut; otherwise she’ll think you have a part-time job at Macy’s during Christmas.

Cat or Dog: Father figure

Nothing attracts strangers to each other faster than walking a baby or puppy. The innocence and 100% openness to strangers is a sure conversation starter and ice breaker. Babies grow into full blow teenagers pretty quickly, so opting for the puppy is a lot less work and less responsibility. I had a dog named Max years ago. My friends called him the “Chick Magnet” because I could guarantee a casual stroll down the boulevard with him would garner no less than 3 new conversations with women. Now, if only he could sniff out the cute, single, horny women…

Scar: Risk Taker

Scars provide men with a rugged manliness and mystery, which is always sexy. Women want a man who is strong so she can depend on him to protect her and the family. Research backs up why scars are a hit with women. According to science news website, Science Daily, scientists have found that women may associate scars with health and bravery. Scars not only show you’re a courageous guy who’ll take on his opponents, but you’re tough enough to outlive them. Be sure not to lie, but embellish if your scar was the result of a drunken fall off the back porch. “As I reached out to save the baby, I managed to pull her back from the ledge, but went over it myself. Thankfully, the 3 shots of Jack Daniels I had numbed the pain.”

T-shirt & Blazer: Style-savvy

Your favorite sports team t-shirt is very comfortable I am sure. But the pit stains and holes are a definite no-no with her. When you go out, at least try to look like you actually care about your wardrobe. After all, she does! Get an occasional copy of GQ, Men’s Health or other magazine that will give you a clue about what to wear. Be sure to make it age appropriate. Those Ed Hardy shirts just don’t compliment your 401K like the Florsheims did. If you are completely clueless and know it, ask your woman to take you shopping. You’ll get the double dip effect of letting her dress you, getting you looking snappy and giving her the endorphin rush of shopping, all on your dime.

The laws of attraction are sometimes simple and often out of order. What women want is a man that is a leader, provider and supportive partner. Women like sensitive, caring men, of course. But being sensitive in lieu of being masculine won’t get you the hot girl or get back the hot wife you once had. Being balanced isn’t that tough, guys. Become an alpha male with a conscious. For more ideas on understanding what women want and getting more sex in your life, visit http://makeyourwifehot.com today!
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