Longevity - Will It Last a Lifetime?

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It's down to the fuel you use to operate your body.
Try running a limousine on beer and it won't work; only the right fuel will make the limousine function properly.
Consuming the right food will improve your health and most certainly add a few more years to your life, and the suggestions below are some of the ways to propel your longevity prospects into overdrive.
Beans They will give you gas if you haven't eaten them in quantity before, but it's just your body reacting to the sudden intake of fibrous contend.
After you have been eating beans for a few days, your system will get used to dealing with them.
Although they can make some people uncomfortable initially, they are a first-class source of protein.
Fruit Fruit is filled with fiber, vitamins, and cancer protecting antioxidants, and they are the prime source of anti-aging ingredients.
You should be eating one or more of these fruits everyday if possible: grapes, blueberries, strawberries, guava, mango, papaya, oranges, bananas, and definitely apples if nothing else.
Oat bran Oat bran is higher in fiber than oatmeal, and very quick to cook.
It is splendid protection against cholesterol build up, and a 10 day course of oat bran muffins will lower your cholesterol enough to make your doctor smile.
Eat it as a breakfast cereal sweetened with coconut palm sugar, and add a little skimmed milk to make it creamy.
Also it's delicious cold.
Alliums These are some of the finest foods for maintaining blood pressure and keeping the blood flowing smoothly.
Every slimmer's stew should contain at least 4 varieties: garlic, leaks, onions, and shallots.
They have numerous health benefits, and add essential flavoring stews and soups.
Fish Many varieties of fish are rich in omega - 3 fatty acids, which will protect your heart from disease and your arteries from clogging.
Salmon is a well known source of omega - 3, although over recent years other origins have come to light such as krill oil, tuna oil, shark oil, swordfish oil and tilefish.
But if there were a prize, it would go to salmon for its additional abundance of protein.
Flax seed Flax seed contains a combination of omega - 3 and omega - 9 fatty acids.
So, much of the longevity power is not all down to a few fish, but remember all that protein goes towards tissue repair and muscle growth, and that's what makes eating fish a life expander.
Nuts The best ones are Brazil nuts, peanuts, pistachio nuts and walnuts, which come out the front runner with its supply of proteins and healthy fats.
What would Waldorf salad, one of the healthiest meals on the planet, be without walnuts? 8.
Bell Peppers All the colors are good for you, and a great source of antioxidants, such as vitamin C and beta-carotene.
Also they are reputed to contain a pain reliever, but get the salt out for that one, I would rather reach for the Tylenol to fix my toothache than chew on a green pepper.
However, they do have mild anti-inflammatory properties; probably if eaten frequently, but it is one of the protections against heart problems.
Yogurt The white probiotic wonder sludge, and doesn't it make your mouth feel fresh afterward, unless you like the fruity stuff packed with 2 grams of fruit and a tablespoon of sugar, which is not all that good for your longevity plans.
Plain yogurt, with or without a little honey or coconut sugar, is rich in vitamin B, protein and a great source of calcium.
Plus you get all those friendly bacteria in your stomach getting rid of bad bacteria.
Building a better healthier body leads to a long life and begins with what you eat.
Try these super foods to get started on the right foot.
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