Glass Sinks

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The newest additions to the family of high end bathroom sinks are glass andcrystal.
Glass sinks can be the best choice for those who want to turn theirordinary bathrooms into a stunning piece of art work.
Glass sinks seem to work very well in both traditional and contemporarybathroom and kitchen settings.
Most glass sinks come in as vessel bowls, butthey are also available in over-the-counter, wall-mount, pedestal,under-the-counter as well as countersink models.
It is a very common misconception that glass sinks are not durable.
They aremuch more durable as anyone can think.
Most of them can withstand temperaturechanges of about 20 degrees, and most of them are resistant to minor accidentbreakage, such as accidentally dropping your toothbrush or your plastic bottleonto it.
It is true, however, that heavy objects falling into normal glass sinkswill cause them to shatter.
Tempered glass based sinks, however are moreresistant, they can withstand the force caused by heavy objects: they mightcrack or break, but they do not tend to shatter.
Laminated glass behavessimilarly, but is more resistant than tempered ones.
Laminated sinks consist of an interlayer made of resin or tough plastic thatare bonded together between two glass panes.
They are sealed together, behavelike one single unit, and looks like a normal glass.
When hard object fall onthem, they may crack due to too much pressure but the fragments tend to adhereto the interlayer so that they do not cause injury.
Glass sinks come in a widevariety of designs, shapes and sizes.
Some of the common ones are: Textured Glass They are moulded into different shapes and textures,or bas-relief motifs at very high temperatures.
Colored Glass Glass sinks now come in various colors; the commonones include blue, green and red.
These colors are usually achieved by addingsome metal oxides and incorporated into the hot glass melt.
Frosted or Etched Glass These types of sinks have an opaque look.
It usually gets transparent when it gets wet, but goes back to its opaque,frosted look when it dries.
Polished Glass These sinks have a polished finish so that theexterior looks very smooth.
Care and Maintenance Glass sinks might be durable, but it must be properly maintained to make sureit lasts a long time.
You should clean it with plain water or with a mild glass cleaner regularlyand wipe the sink dry every after use so that water spots do not develop.
Ifyour sink is textured, make sure that you wipe the outside area regularly.
Neveruse abrasive bathroom cleaners as they can scour or full the glass surface.
Do not ever allow metals, steel or other glass objects to come in contactwith the glass as they can chip or scratch its surface.
Never allow boiling hot water to flow into the sink as it may cause the glassto crack.
Remember that once your glass sink gets chipped, cracked, or worse, broken,there is no way to fix or repair it like new.
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