Budget Wedding Planning - Top 5 Tips on Saving Money on Your Wedding Gown

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Bound and determined brides have a plethora of resources available to them when it comes to finding a dress of their dreams at a realistic price.
And I'm not talking about simply going to a discount store.
The Internet, your friends and family are all you allies when it comes to finding the perfect gown at the best possible price.
Check out these money saving tips! 1.
Research And Buy Your Gown Online
Strange as this may sound, the Internet has made finding a top quality wedding gown and even bridesmaids dresses easier than ever.
The web is home to a large number of discount bridal retailers.
You'll definitely want to include the following sites when conducting your search for a reasonably priced gown: bridalonlinestore.
com lilywedding.
com both of these are well known for top quality value and service from brides who have actually purchased gowns from them.
You can also find very reasonably priced gowns at department store web sites such as Macy's.
com and even Amazon has gotten into the mix.
eBay is also another place you may want to keep an eye on.
They have both an auction and a "buy it now" format.
Don't be fooled into thinking you may just be looking at used - and potentially damaged - gowns on eBay.
A large number of discount bridal shops have stores set up on eBay.
But do use caution if you decide to buy a gown on eBay.
Look carefully at the buyers feedback rating, look carefully at the provided photos and be sure to ask questions that you have before buying.
Borrow A Gown
While you may not want to wear someone Else's dress, doing so can add a personal touch, especially if it's from a family member.
On top of that, you'll be making the day of your mother, aunt or friend when you ask them to loan it to you.
Rent Your Gown
This can be a great option if you positively must have that dress from a high end designer, but can't afford it.
You can locate shops that rent gowns either in your local phone book or online.
Some will not only rent gowns, but bridal party dresses as well.
Depending on the type of gown you want, where you live and what time of year you are getting married, the cost can run around $100 for a dress that costs $300 to $500.
You can expect to spend around $1,000 to rent a gown that costs $3,000 to $5,000.
The rental price should definitely include the headpiece, veil, train, crinoline and other accessories outside of shoes and jewelry.
Another benefit of renting is that you won't have to worry about cleaning or storing your gown after your wedding.
Consider Buying A White, Cream or Ivory Bridesmaid Dress
Sure, it's not a wedding gown, but a dress of this type could cost you less than $100! If you embellish the dress with a colorful wrap, sash, ribbons or sequins, it very well could be that no one is the wiser.
Bridal shops have started catching on to this money saving tactic and are starting to keep plenty of white bridesmaid's dresses in stock.
But, a number of them are either charging an exorbitant fee or they are requiring you to purchase a minimum number because they know you won't buy that many if you are planning on using it as a wedding gown.
If you run into this, take your search online where you won't run into this type of behavior.
Make Your Own Gown
Or, have someone you know make it for you if you aren't into sewing.
This can be a very affordable option if you are fortunate enough to have this skill or know someone who does.
Most fabric shops carry wedding gown patterns.
Even if you don't know anyone, you could always hire a professional seamstress to make your dress.
It's likely that you'll still save plenty going this route because many professional seamstresses can make designer looking dresses at a fraction of the cost of a bridal shop gown.
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