Homemade Solar Panels - How To Build Your Own Solar Panel

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This summer I managed to generate as much energy as I used. This is great! So all the energy was free! In order to save so much money you should take in consideration if you have enough sun hours a day at the place were you want to put your solar panel(3 hours).

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The building process is easy as I managed to do it without having any technical know how. After finishing your solar panel you just have to enjoy the sun.

Another important thing is that once you know how to build a solar panel you can do this for your neighbors and charge them for your work. So that's how I have managed to have a quite nice source of income.

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Here are some tips for you in order to reduce your energy costs within your house:
1)Change your normal light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs
2)Never leave the house without unplugging all the electric devices because they consume energy even on stand by mode
3)Do not leave the lights on in a room you don't stay in

The economical crises has affected each one of us and we have to change our life in order to sustain our lifestyle. Why should we suffer for the mistakes of other people? I was at a turning point in my life and decided to do something. I started to build my own solar panel and managed to reduce my energy costs.

Having a house that generates it's own energy is a great value because each house gains on value if it can be called a green house. You also save the planet if you start generating free energy because if all the houses generated free energy, the global warming wouldn't be a problem. Start building a solar panel and save money, do it like me!

Get Best Make Solar Panel and Make Wind Turbine Guide

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