Winter Care For Your Caravan

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Despite the fact that caravanning can be enjoyed all-year-round, it is well worth noting the most successful methods to clean and protect your caravan in the winter months.
By maintaining your caravan over the cold, harsh months, your caravan will be able to withstand the elements and return in the New Year in tip-top condition ready to hit the road.
Purchasing a caravan or motor-home is a significant financial investment and it would be foolhardy not to safeguard your leisure hobby.
It is inevitable that your caravan will have taken a significant pounding over the last year, with general wear and tear.
This will need to be addressed to counter the impending adverse weather.
External protection of your caravan is paramount and a Large Flow Through Brush can get to work to eradicate a combination of rotting leaves, dirt and other unsightly mess.
The brush extends from a length of 120cm to 180cm, and is built with a hose connector that allows water to flow through its soft bristle head to work in tandem.
There are times when a brush and some hot water really just won't do.
A powerful Caravan Cleaner can effectively clean all caravan surfaces and ease the pressure on your shoulders.
You can eradicate the need for further waxing, polishing and elbow grease by applying a Protective Coating during rinsing and ensure your Caravan's exterior is guarded from the elements.
It would be easy to forget about your caravan accessories such as your awnings and gazebos that also take the strain from the weather throughout the year.
A thorough Gazebo and Awning Cleaner prevents the growth of moss and algae in damp conditions.
As well as the aesthetic look of your caravan it is imperative to maintain its road lights that are a legal requirement on the motorways.
By removing the lenses and cleaning them inside and outside you can prevent a build-up of moisture over the winter and save your bulbs.
Following a thorough cleanse and inspection of your motor home, you can wholly protect your investment by purchasing a Caravan Cover with a range of sizes from 12ft to 23ft to choose from.
With superior water resistance and the ability let the structure breathe, these tailored covers provide the perfect finishing touch to the winter care of your caravan.
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