How to Put Male & Female Betta Fish Together

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    • 1). Set a 10-gallon fishbowl in a place away from other fishbowls or aquariums. Other fish will cause the male betta to go into attack mode, which will not allow for breeding. Fill the bowl with water measuring 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and add two or three plastic plants and a small filtration system.

    • 2). Stimulate the male to make a bubble nest by changing 20 percent of his water daily, or by allowing him to see the female in a separate bowl. This will prompt him to blow tiny bubbles in the corner of the bowl for the eggs.

    • 3). Place the plumpest female into the bowl with the male. Plump females normally have the highest egg production, meaning they are ready to breed. Double-check that you are in fact placing a female in with the male. Below her ventral fins, you will find a small white dot. This is the female ova. If you do not find a dot, chances are you have a male betta.

    • 4). Watch the male and female closely to ensure they will breed. If they fight at first, do not be alarmed; this is normal. Remove the female if she becomes injured during the fight. This could indicate that she is not ready to spawn.

    • 5). Allow the bettas to spawn for an hour or two. Once they are finished, the female may hide in the plastic plants to avoid confrontation with the male. Remove the female from the bowl once breeding is complete. Leaving her in the bowl may result in physical harm.

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