Types of Jetted Bathtubs

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Jetted bathtubs are gaining in popularity.
Almost everyone likes the idea of relaxing in a jetted bathtub and allowing the jets to massage out any aches and pains they may have acquired throughout the day.
Jetted tubs are usually a bit bigger than your average bathtub and they make a great looking addition to any bathroom.
There are a couple of different types of jetted bathtubs.
Before purchasing a jetted bathtub you will want to decide which type best suits your needs.
There are two types of jets used in jetted bathtubs, water jets and air jets.
Both types create a massaging feeling as the water is moved in the tub but there are pros and cons to each one.
Water Jets The jetted bathtubs that use water jets force the bath water through the jets.
This creates a stronger massage than tubs with the air jets.
The bath water is recirculated through the jets, which keeps the water a bit warmer than air being forced in the bath.
One downside is that you cannot use bubble bath, bath oil or bath salts in a jetted tub with water jets.
This type of tub also requires quite a bit of cleaning.
Some of these come with a self cleaning system though, so you will need to check the features when you are making your decision.
Air Jets The other types of jets are air jets.
These jets actually push air into the tub instead of water causing a gentle massaging feeling.
You can use bubble bath and bath salts in this type of jetted bathtub.
There are often more jets in an air jetted tub than there are in the water jetted tubs.
The forced air through the water may make the water cold faster, which can be annoying.
The health benefits from increased circulation and such that you get from the water jets you do not get with an air jetted bathtub.
Both types can give a great feeling, relaxing bath.
It is really a matter of preference when it comes to the type of jets you want.
If you want to add oils, crystals, and/or bubbles to your tub you will want to go with the air jets.
If you are wanting a therapeutic invigorating massage then water jets may be your best choice.
Jetted tubs can cost between $1500 and $10,000 so there is a huge variety of types, sizes, and models to choose from.
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