"One Life to Live" Recap for Thursday, June 30, 2011

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While looking for Blair at Capricorn, Todd runs into Vimal. Both bond over a drink about their respective wife problems and about their children problems (Todd’s being Jack and Vimal not really being a dad). Todd suggests that they take out their aggressions on John McBain, Todd then tells Vimal that John is a father.

Blair finds John drinking alone at Rodi’s, he tells her about Jack and Todd’s involvement in Gigi’s death. Blair can’t believe that her son had a hand in killing a woman and Todd had a hand in covering it up.

Blair promises John that she won’t let either Jack or Todd get away with it. Blair heads home to check on Jack.

Natalie finds Brody in the evidence room, Brody wants to start a relationship with Natalie while Natalie doesn’t because she keeps on thinking about how it will affect other people – namely John and Jessica. Brody thinks that they need to get on with their lives, Natalie agrees and they kiss. Natalie and Brody begin a relationship, regardless of what everyone else thinks.

Todd sneaks around Dorian’s house, watching Jack. Starr shows up and can see that Jack is troubled. Jack explains what happened to Gigi and feels that he is responsible. Starr reminds Jack that it was an accident, Jack thinks that he’s becoming like his father. Starr realizes this too and thinks that they need to learn and grow from it – learning from Todd’s mistakes. Blair watches from beyond the bushes, Jack and Starr go inside. Todd sees Blair and begins to remember her.

Tomas finds Tea inside the house and tells her about Sebastian. Tea is shocked to learn that Tomas was not only married, but has a son.

Tomas tells Tea that Sebastian is a pistol, and they haven’t gotten along. Tea explains that Danielle and Todd didn’t get along at first, but now they are close.

Meanwhile, Danielle and Sebastian are outside – Sebastian not wanting to go inside. He asks Danielle about Starr, who tells him that Starr has a daughter and is with James. Sebastian sounds interested in Starr, so Danielle reminds Sebastian that Starr and James are very involved so don’t get any ideas.

Danielle and Sebastian go inside, Sebastian meets Tea for the first time. Tea can see that Tomas was right – Sebastian is a pistol. Sebastian wants to know why Tomas left Tea when they were younger. When Tomas doesn’t answer, Sebastian leaves the room and Danielle apologizes for his attitude.

Rama follows Cris into the steam room and wants to explain herself to him. Cris understands what she did and that it was 100% wrong, so he really wants nothing to do with her. Rama feels that, in some other life, they would’ve been great for each other. Rama runs out of the steam room.

Brody steps out for a coffee and returns to the evidence room, he finds the tape recorder that Gigi had and starts to play it. He hears Marty’s voice saying “Natalie didn’t have another man’s baby”

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