How to Make a Wall Rod Rack

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    • 1). Cut the PVC piping into eight-inch long lengths.

    • 2). Drill through each piece of PVC with a bit wide enough for your screws to pass through, three inches from one end of the pipe. Pass the drill all the way through the pipe, creating two holes in the process, one directly above the other.

    • 3). Drill through each piece of PVC a second time, three inches from the other end of the pipe, and vertically in line with the first set of holes. Each pipe should now have two sets of holes, on opposite sides of the pipe.

    • 4). Drill through one set of holes, on the same side of each pipe, with a drill bit wide enough for your screwdriver to fit through.

    • 5). Position a piece of piping on the six inch plank, five inches from one end, with the smaller holes facing down into the wood, and screw in place. You can access the screws to drive them through the larger holes. The pipe should be perpendicular to the wood plank.

    • 6). Screw the second pipe in place ten inches from the first using the method from Step 5. Repeat until all the pipes are attached. They should be spaced ten inches apart, with five inches of space on either side of the end rods when all rods are attached.

    • 7). Position your rack where you want it on the wall, and note the end positions.

    • 8). Locate any studs between your two desired end points, and mark with a pencil.

    • 9). Secure the rack to the wall with a pair of screws through the rack and into each stud.

    • 10

      Insert the grips of your rods into the pipes to store them in your rack.

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