Advanced Portrait Retouching - Keeping The Legacy Alive

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Families pass on their histories either through writing or tales told orally. Great men and women in the past are best captured by their portraits, and stories about them are best told using these photographs as visual aids where children of this generation capture with their sight the spirits of their beloved ancestors. There is no greater pride than knowing how valiant, fastidious, and persevering ones great uncles, aunts, fathers, and mothers were. Thus if you have old portraits of them, you can peruse advanced portrait retouching to keep their legacy of greatness alive in the hearts of your home and family.

Limitless Possibilities

The portraits of your ancestors say so much about their time, the contemporary culture then, and who they were. Their inner spirit could best be captured by how they look in these portraits. To be able to keep the interest and make the young understand them, they must first be impressed with how they look. The following advanced portrait retouching techniques could help you attain your desired impact:

  • Removal blemishes from the skin that were brought about by the decay of the ink and paper of the photograph or those that were part of the subjects face or body such as pimples or spots
  • Correct subtly any part of the face to improve physical beauty or enhance the facial expression to attain the desired trait or attitude you want your ancestors to be best remembered of such as being free-spirited, strong and dependable, or being scholarly
  • Removal or reduction of crows feet, wrinkles, or freckles in order to achieve a more youthful look in the portrait
  • Removal of obstructive or undesirable objects that were originally part of the intended pose of the subject. This advanced portrait retouching technique best serves your family if there are certain items in the photo that you would like to keep quiet about. These things refer to those that are considered to be of great financial value, which could place your family in danger because dangerous elements might believe that they are still in your custody.
  • Adjustments in the lighting on the face so that brightness would be more flattering and revealing about the greatness of your ancestors.
  • Repairs that would eradicate blurriness of the photograph.
  • Restoration of parts that are faded or scratched due to passage of time or mishandling of the photos

    The Legacys Benefits

    With the aid of pictures that are enhanced using techniques of advanced portrait retouching, you would be able to tell stories about your ancestors to members of your family especially among the younger ones and even to friends and colleagues. These stories will instill among the youth the sense of family and the feeling that they have roots. This will help them deal with the stress of academics, work, and even personal relationships because they will have stronger sense of identity, self, and history. It will make them feel less lonely because they are children of people who tried their best to survive and live life well.
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