Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera Troubleshooting

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    Memory issues

    • The primary problem with Sony CyberShot cameras are issues with the Memory Stick (Sony cameras utilize the Memory Stick as its removable flash memory. Sony developed the technology and licenses it to third-party manufacturers.). There are three possible issues that can arise. If the camera displays a "Memory Stick Error" message, the camera is unable to find the memory card. Open the door protecting the Memory Stick and ensure that the stick has been inserted. If it has, remove the card and reinsert it. It is possible that contact between the card and camera was lost.
      A message of "No memory space in Memory Stick" means that the card is at capacity. The card needs to be cleared prior to further use.
      If the camera displays a message of "Read only memory" or "Memory Stick locked," eject the card and find the write protection switch. Using a finger or light finger pressure, move the switch from the locked to unlocked position.

    C or E errors

    • In some cases, the error will result in a code with a C or E at the start. These fall under the self-diagnosing category. A C:32 error relates to issues with the camera's hardware or firmware. Usually, this can be resolved by powering the camera off and back on again. If that does not work, power the camera off, remove the batteries and let the camera sit for five minutes. This will drain the internal battery and reset the camera. Reload the batteries and power the camera back on.
      A C:13 error denotes issues with the Memory Stick More often than not, this means that the Memory Stick is faulty. Attempt to format the stick by selecting the Memory Stick and reformatting it. If this does not work, get a new stick.
      E errors require a full initialization of the camera. To do this, press the Menu button and arrow over to Setup 1. Then, select Initialize. Arrow up to OK and press the OK button to approve.

    Power issues

    • Problems with power are linked to the camera batteries. If not dead, charged sufficiently and installed correctly, check the battery leads of the camera. They may need a simple cleaning with a cotton swab. Extreme hot or cold may run batteries down quickly.

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